8 Jun

Its been over a few weeks since my injury and I’m doing way better, its definitely a slow process but I’ve been recovering faster than I expected. At one point I was wondering what the purpose of this was..what could I possibly learn from this, where’s the lesson? I’ve never taken my legs for granted, I use them everyday and they are a very important component to my body. Just thinking for a few seconds what my legs have helped me accomplished its wonderful. At times I slip in moments where I reminisce of things I used to do, like taking summers off to go explore and rock climb..places I used to go. My legs where an important component, and ugh, I shouldn’t look back so much. I am healing and that’s what’s important. With this off time I’ve been practicing a little bit of healing techniques; using the power of intention and love to heal..and it’s working. I’m glad that I am practicing this sort of healing, I truly would like to get good at it. I have lots of time to myself where I can practice in peace and quiet. I am already really good at listening to my body’s needs. I started eating a lot more these last 2 weeks, I feel like my cells need more fuel to continue doing what they are doing. And not just the injury, but the influx of light and love energies coming to the planet, they are potent. My body is working overtime. Its happened before but the need for calorie and protein is at another level. What an incredible amount of food I’ve been eating, I am mesmerized..in awe. My body needed constant replenishment meal after meal..yikes. And also water, lots of precious cold water. 


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