always been ME

25 May

With my injuries keeping me indoors, it drives me crazy taking it easy and slow. I am by nature a very active person, and I like to seek joy and excitement on everything I do, almost everything. One of my old friends was performing with his band ( Hip hop, reggae, soul, ) and I thought it would be a great idea to get out and socialize bit, listen to some good local live music. His performance was taking place at a Marijuana Dispensary, and having a patient's card wasn't necessary to go in, so I was more than stoked to go! I thought about it until last minute, I kept looking at my knee, and visualized how it would go. The show was only a couple hours so, it was tempting. Besides the shops in Europe, and maybe the legalized states, I can't think of a place that would hold a performance inside a dispensary. It hadn't been done in my it was free. I got myself together and went. The show was great, good people, great vibes and a killer performance by two local bands..all while the place was getting mad herbalized. There was a lot of floor space in the venue, I mean pot shop. It was definitely a first, the feeling was so happening. THE place to be. I realize how lucky I am to be alive, to be on Earth right now, which is also THE place to BE.



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