last weekend’s climbing incident / recent dreaming

22 May

Last weekend while out having a good time with friends, I decided to climb this loose, chossy cliff side, I knew better but went for it anyways. Midway up, holds broke up and fell apart, I fell and landed on my right leg and right arm..ouch. Luckily I didn’t land on my head, or hip. It could of been so much worse, I’m so thankful. I knew from the pain and stiffness that it was bad, I was limping and couldn’t place my weight on my right leg, my knee felt like it was locked in place. It was time to go, I found a tree branch, used it as a support and we rallied up. It is almost 5 days since the fall, and I’m feeling quite all right. I’m able to place my weight on my right knee now, my ankle almost fully healed. I went to grab some food about 7 blocks from home, probably not the best idea, I was walking with a cane. It felt great getting some warm sun in my face and a nice breeze as well. 


I had a good deal amount of food last night, and a few beers..I went to sleep a bit frustrated, maybe just a bit tired of it all..sigh. Right before bed I started sweating profoundly, my body was feeling like..feverish. It wasn’t fever, just felt like something was being released. I think its due to my knee injury, the epicenter of my pain. Maybe an hour into sleeping I had this really bad dream, I just had this feeling of being in an odd place and time..I woke up, thanfulky to have a drink of water. Went back to sleep and another bad dream started out, woke up again…and back to sleep. This process was repeated about 6 times throughout the night..smh. Each dream had this weird plot..they we’re so ackward. My body was really warm, normally this sets off bad dreams but last nights was so trippy. When I woke up this morning I thought I was in a different place, the vibe of the dream was still tripping me out..


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