..Here we, here we go again – *hip hop scratch*

18 May

After a nice week of smooth sailing, and I’m talking about the incoming light energies here..I feel it kicked up yet another notch. If this is a taste of things to come for June…gulp! I’m feeling a bit anxious, I feel like I can’t stand still, I feel like I have to do it all right now, this instant. Lol. ( takes deep breath)

I am also seeing it a outside of myself, people are easily irritable..angry, and all kinds of other weird things. I really don’t like seeing it with friends of mine, they show sides of them that are just..kinda weak. Maybe it would be a good idea not to communicate with these folks for a while. Resentful, envious, and spite are some of the characteristics I’ve seen in some friends..I’m not quick to judge because everyone is going through their inner changes, however, I don’t need to put up with anyone’s freaking b.s. and lately that’s getting really easy to do by just not allowing it. At times though, its crazy. Last June solstice was kinda like that, mad chaos inside peoples head..really bugged me out. I really dislike the ‘really dude..?’ moments. 



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