quick update

6 May

The last few months have been everything but quiet. April was a month of intense feelings and emotions, a month of intense reflection of myself and my life. At the moment I am yearning for new friendship and companionship, the feeling is strong..lately I get the feeling something or someone is trying to connect. I hope we can meet halfway and make it happen. I’ve read so many times how we are all connected at anytime. What affects me, what I say, what I think ripples outwards into the Universe…and affects everyone. The last 4 months I’ve been monitoring my thoughts so I may bring more wellness and abundance to my life, so I may manifest what I want in my life right now. 

This past weekend I got out for a few days of relaxation, myself and a few friends camped out by a beautiful river..I felt relaxed and my body/field re energized and healed..thank you river. ! 


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