cellular memory or dream?

22 Mar

Wow, last nights dream was an event I won’t forget. I don’t know where it took place because it didn’t look familiar at all. I remember..I remember being in some outdoor setting, dirt and vast openness. There was other people around and there was this commotion, something was happening. The next scene was inside this really nice home or cavern, it was inside a rock formation I believe. Its interior was beautiful, simple yet very intricate; smooth walls and a high ceiling. I was aware of what was going on at this point. There was a threat in space and we failed to protect our solar system. The enemy appeared to have infiltrated our planetary space. I don’t know if we were on Earth or not.
I was with a group of people and we were paying attention to this flat screen on a white wall; the screen was showing every action of our fleet v.s. the perpetrators, who I didn’t identify. In the dream this was so detailed, I could see the crafts having dog fights in space, close up and everything. I remembered seeing a craft shoot something towards the planet…!! I reacted and grabbed my friends and people around me and we hit the floor to take cover. A few seconds later we felt and heard the impact, this deep rumble, my god the blast made its way towards us and we were lifted in the air about 6 feet high. Very slowly..we all hit the floor like in slow motion, got our senses and realized we were all alive! There was a suggestion to fly us out of there, I didn’t agree because we were under attack, it seemed foolish to take off and be in the skies. Somehow we were convinced and we found ourselves inside of this white craft, almost looked like a Lear jet, no wings, it was so clean. I remember being in flight, I saw blue skies and clouds. At this point I didn’t know where we were going, we were being flown towards safety for sure. I remember keeping my cool, It happened rather quickly..
Even in the dream I asked myself who was I..? Flat screen on the wall viewing exactly what was happening..being flown in crafts to safety. I knew I was in a privileged position, that is all.


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