not my imagination

2 Mar

Today, Saturday evening, watching Star Trek tos in my bedroom..a quite evening. Got up to go to the kitchen, comeback and see what it appears to be water spilled on my bed sheets. A rather big spill. I don’t know how, I.. didn’t have water next to me, or siped any before leaving my room, I didn’t spill it. I would of noticed. A very unusual place for any water spillage, right by my elbow area in my bed. I didn’t give it much thought until now since I’m writing about, its happened once before.

The last time it was also inexplicable, no way did I spill water, or whatever substance it may be, just kidding its H2O, but it happened before, about 3 months ago. Different area of my bed that time, again I left my room and came back to see a wet mess. SMH. I was very confused that time.. I have a marine tank just feet away on the other side of the bed, with no one in my room I’m lost for words. 

Let’s say its a prank or just good times but who? Or what? 

At first, since I had no recollection of the incident.. I was quick to assume I was merging into a parallel reality, to a messier version of my self lol..I’m going to go ahead and dismiss that..why? Because thats twice in a row with the same shenanigan, and thats what it feels like, a prank of some sort. Somebody is having a bit of fun, at my expense. If a doc took a look at my blog, he or she might be a little concern, but trust, its legit. 


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