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A connection so strong

20 Feb

What do you do when you feel a strong connection towards a special someone? You tell them. But when certain circumstances don’t allow that, or just doesn’t can be devastating, very. I have strong feelings for someone I’m no longer in contact with, physically.
I haven’t seen this sweet woman in a few years, but somehow we connect in the Astral plane time and time again. When I miss her the most, there she is. I don’t know how this happens, maybe hearts speaking to eachother or my way of healing.. but we meet up at gatherings, get togethers.. Its usually a rather soft and warm contact, we ask eachother how were doing, sometimes I just wrap my arms around her without saying a word.


Biological entity inside a Scout Ship (rough sketch)

13 Feb

ImageI’m trying to figure out why I had no motivation to post this, or draw the sighting whatsoever. I guess I was very satisfied knowing that the quality couldn’t get any better, and that I was going to print out a 10×18″ poster of the sighting…which I did. It is very clear to me that the object I captured was a machine.. I saw a ship. Those weekends of late November I experienced happiness and adrenaline of a different kind, pure craziness I wanted to jump in excitement! I had seen a basketball shaped Space craft the weekend before and seen it disappear through the fog!  It was an exciting few weeks because I also witnessed a  fleet go over my house, and shiny objects hovering in the middle of town…

I didn’t know I captured the ship until I looked at my camera to see the image, I had the speed shutter on so it was easy to tell that the ship ‘jumped’ or made a tear in space from one place to another in an instant, you can tell in the picture that half of the ship is inside our dimension while the other half is somewhere else. The craft looks so simple, yet is a very sporty model. I’ve never seen a tank on top of a craft before on any picture, I wonder what its function is..after zooming a bunch i was able to identify what looks to be biological entity. There is a head, ears and eyes that are clearly visible. I can only speculate for now, I have to take in account what Ive learned the last few years. At first, I thought it was a Grey, or Zeta Reticuli. And then I thought.. maybe a Grey android built by the U.S. Gov..because they too build their own saucers. And I’ve read that maybe they, the Green berets and Navy Seals in charge of Crash retrieval programs don’t want to get caught so they use lifeless dummies..Okaaay?
But then, I thought too that, if I saw the craft either he lowered his frequency or I raised my frequency..the ship looked like it was rather busy specially with that hardware on top of the craft. The entity was facing my way through the window clearly…goosebumps.

I came into peace when I started thinking of the ship as a galactic aid, what if is one of the many clean-up crews orbiting Earth right now cleaning up pollution particles or radiation? What if it is a Grey that turned to the Light? What if its a small humanoid entity or human from a different place with a different atmosphere that has a protective mask on? Maybe using the mask to cover its real identity..It could very well be that, and very clever I might add. Image


funky love energies

12 Feb

Its been an interesting week so far, I believe I was soaked and pounded by what’s being called the Tsunami of Love. I felt like my body took a toll physically and emotionally, I most welcome these love energies as they are changing our very bodies..and everything around us I can feel them, there is some tinkering going on, I did ask my guardian angels and higher self to look out for a brotha during these times..its very overwhelming and I definitely need them right now. I’m doing anything I can to keep my spirit high, I’m going through some obstacles at the moment and they make it super tough right now but a combination of my favorite things to do plus meditation, music and laughter bring me right back up. Sometimes I have to let it be.

What was very noticeable physically, is the need to replenish my body with lots of food and water consistently hour after hour I can’t stop eating..I underwent some sort of automatic flushing with myself kinda weird- If I could recommend anything to anybody during these times is to listen to your body, I’m sure not everyone is going through the same things but for those that are I hope they are doing well right now lots of blessings. I’m most thankful for the beautiful folks who bring forth messages from the higher realms for us to feel, read, and experience thanks y’all.

Aside 4 Feb

Okay I’m getting blasted!