A new year, I will make it a great one!

1 Jan

For the first time in a good while, I celebrated New Years with a few friends. The feeling of happiness and joy was strong yesterday..so it was only right to have a few drinks, music, and share stories and laughter with friends.
In all honesty, the last few years for me have been really quiet, compared to other years. Too quiet. Quiet in the sense of friends (social life), quiet in the sense of excitement. Two really strong elements that helped build my life for over 14 years..but that stopped working for me. Completely. Embarking in a sea of almost no friends has been hard, I made some of those changes, and some I couldn’t help but to watch crumble…helplessly. Hats off to me, for being courageous, and not allowing certain people to manipulate, or use me for whatever selfish reasons..adios. There are so many like minded awesome people I haven’t met yet, of this I’m certain.

This year I would like to step it up a few notches and be a wiser consumer. I know what I’m capable of creating when I set my mind to something and all the components are right, I make it happen. I might just have to tap into 5D, and bring it home. Everything I want from a new earth, I believe it can be manifested right now. A free energy source in my house would be awesome. It needs to start little, the heck with waiting for sh…t to drop out of thin air..A small garden with my favorite greens has already been started! I sowed the seeds..of love.  Ha,ha, ha

I want my family and I to stop using paper as little as possible..I noticed that they follow my lead with this sort of things and they are not clueless by any means. I’m glad my siblings are taking care of themselves and asking me for tips on eating better and health. I’m no nutritionist but I’m happy to give them tips. 



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