Archive | January, 2014
31 Jan

This last week of January has been quite peaceful. I haven’t felt the anxiety or nervousness that has tagged along ever since before 12/12/12.  Smooth sailing for now inside of myself. My body feels like it just came out from soaking in hot springs..a feeling of well being right now. I want to note that I’ve been feeling some stinging, or pinching on my shocks. I can only explain it as energy touching energy, and its probably what it is, it feels like a friendly poke. The other day I got one on my left hip and that one hurt. 


conversation in dreamtime

29 Jan

My dream activity has been busy lately, its been really tough remembering certain things and some images I’ve been able to unvail from a locked up cover of mist. During the day random images and scenes pop up like they were from last nights dream or something but their not. Yesterday morning as I was waking up I caught myself having a conversation with someone, I believe we were talking about wild venomous animal species, and I remember something about ‘they’ were reducing the toxin levels on these animals..I asked how long they’ve been doing that and this person responded “since your early nineties” and the conversation was over, I was beginning to wake up…

Just a quick update & some thoughts

28 Jan

Since I was a kid, I remember having..ah, scratch that. Don’t even know how to start this. OK, loud sounds and city noise have always bothered me. But now, wow its like any noise bothers me. When people make noise move things and slam things I can feel their anxiety and its annoying as hell right now. Im avoiding anybody and anything blasting noise pollution! Grounding myself has been quite helpful and I’m still learning about such tools at the moment, I’m thankful that I got re acquainted with such equipment because I need them in this now moment. 


Video 28 Jan

Heard this recently, brought good memories of when I was a kid in the early 90s.. and MK the movie! Hearing and watching this video lifted my spirit, just look at earth! This is going in my playlist quick.


nice moon ..

15 Jan

nice moon ..


San Francisco daytime UFO photo printed out

11 Jan

I titled my post in this way so anyone that may be possibly searching ufo sightings from my area on the web can see this on their net results. Yes they are real and its happening.
Really excited to have this poster size image printed out, it is now in my hands. I have no words for it, it just is.

Shout out to PhotoWorks

so very hungry…all the time.

5 Jan

For a while now, 6 months I would say, I’ve been feeling like my body can’t keep up, it constantly needs food. I’m one to listen to my body, I’m great at it, but I feel like I constantly have to put food in me, more than ever before. Its out of hand, yes I’m sure this has to do with our bodies transforming with our planetary ascencion, its out of hand. Lol..!  I’m dealing with it the best I can, I’m worried that my wallet won’t be able to keep up…pshh.