Crystal Skull [dream]

22 Dec

I had this dream a few months back, it was something I didn’t want to write about, I wanted to carry on, some thoughts and intuition pushed me to post. I dreamt this during my series of funky personal dreams. The dream opened up with myself inside this metallic, steel room. A small room. It was like a shack, and I could see a golden light beaming ever so strong through the cracks of the door.
A crystal skull was talking to me,and sounded very firm, strong, and direct. Inside this room you could see the walls getting very hot, they were red. It was a very intense feeling, it felt like I was being ‘indicted’ The crystal skull was speaking some stuff when I heard him/her say to me in the clearest, firmest voice:
“We Are One Now! – “Holy….all of a sudden it was time to get out of the there! I felt someone pick me up like a swift breeze, and I could see ourselves leaving the shack through the ceiling. And I woke up.(when I was a kid I used to wonder on the deep end of the pool, I would sink and get pulled off the water by some nice person, same feeling!)
During that week, I was sending my unconditional love to the the core of Gaia, during my meditations. So its possible that could of been the connection that evening. I’ve felt the connection for a long time and always will care for Gaia, just never thought I could dream of…the voice was so clear! Like an ancient stone speaking. I’m here though, hopefully I’m part of the ‘crew’ thats what it felt like. I never felt scared,I still regard this dream as one of my best for sure!

The reason is relevant now is because I was reminded of the crystal on an online forum this morning. Plus I’ve been meditating focusing on anchoring to Gaias energies with the incoming light energies. Also, carbon to crystal bodies.Image.

As I was drawing this, I wanted to leave it very basic, but..a feeling of coloring it really fiercely took over he, he.


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