A bit of sun

22 Dec

This morning felt great to step out into the sunshine, went to the park, short hike and a little bit of rock climbing. The warmest its been in a while, ahh.  

I’m stoked I will be having more time to exercise and enjoy more sun..I’m also looking forward to eating at home a bit more. I really enjoy buying and preparing my own foods, winter and work can take the fun of eating greens..ha ha, but its the cold mostly, just want to grub comforting warm things. When its warm I like cooling myself with freshly made juices, salads, fresh fruits, whatever I may crave at the time as long as I have the dough. Yup I’m craving my favorite; arugula, radish, and avocado salad. I like squeezing a bit of lime and a bit of red vinager, sea salt..refreshing. Doing it tomorrow.


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