Scout ship with a biological entity inside

20 Dec

Ummm, don’t know what to make of this but I’m putting the pieces together. I peeked outside my window to take a few pics, I snapped a few and looked on the LCD screen and captured a flying object. It was a small saucer craft, with a type of modification or device on top of the cab, ridiculous! I could see the windows and the typical circular landing gear underneath. It looked very sporty. I think I’m catching these crafts and beings in the middle of their work shift,(they don’t hold jobs I know) seems like they have work to do with all the anti gravity devices flying all over the place. 

The entity inside appeared to have a big head, bluish skin, oval black eyes, and was facing me. He appeared to be seating down in the lotus position. Again, the craft was small and was carrying a green cylindrical thing on top. My earthly mind told me it was a type of modification but it well could of been some other device. It was rather trippy, giving the timing and the way I was feeling that day, I was speechless and thankful. So many thoughts, was it real? And why a small big eye entity and not a human pilot?

Update: After further observation and study of the picture, I concluded that the being inside the craft does have a pair of ears, and they are short diamond-shaped.

Further note: MUFON or other of the puppet organizations will not, and I mean will not get my ‘money’ shot of the Saucer craft.


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