‘UFO Contact.. from beyond Rigel’

6 Dec

I want to dedicate this post to Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens, (USAF ret.) UFO and Contactee researcher. His books gave me so much inspiration and a great idea of the conciousness that inhabit our Galaxy and Universes. Below are a few paragraphs from the book ‘UFO Contact beyond Rigel’ This case intrigued me because of the way the Visitor and the abductee interacted, and how he willingly shared almost every aspect of his ship with the young Native Indian Cherokee girl. (she went aboard the craft while her mom witnessed)

In this part of the book the young girl is sitting down in a chair with what it seems to be an apparatus attached to her head. The being examining her is a tall and amphibian lizard like. The girl is curious about the devices on her head and around her and asks how they worked:

He said “Very well, are you aware of cerebral impulses?” I told him, “No” When I said no, he touched one of his fingers to the middle of the headband I had on and said. “Brain waves”. I said, “Yes”. He then told me that brain waves were “electrical frequencies of your central grey matter”. I said “Oh”. He said, “This unit you are wearing gives my unit the impulse frequency at that moment and vice versa”. I asked him why he spoke English. He told me that he wasn’t, only that I was “receiving in my own form of communication.” I said “Huh?” and then he said, “Simply – all the planet’s beings that communicate in your English tongue will have the same brainwave pattern for the same words”. The he said, “Come”, and I followed him.

He went over to the chair and he told me “Sit”, so I sat in the ‘dentist chair’ again. He hooked up a wire from the chair to the box on my ear and I asked him what he was doing. He told me not to be concerned, that “telemetry” was a process known to Earth. I said, “Oh”, When I said oh, a squiggle line came on the screen.

“All of a sudden he told me. “Enough talk of this matter. It is not necessary for you to comprehend, only to observe and retain information. I asked him about the word “retain”. He said, “Remember”. I said “Oh”, (again). I asked, “Hey, is this a space-ship?” He said, “No, this is only an interplanetary traveler, not a ‘Galactic Voyager’. I asked, can it fly into outer space?”. He said “No”. I asked “Why?” he said, this craft only works in a contained atmosphere”. I asked him how it works and he said, “Come”. I followed him out of the room. While we were walking down the hall lined with rooms just like the one I had been in, I asked him if he had a name. I told him that I did. He stopped short and said, “We know your name Phyl. You can call me by my name. It’s Andrak. I asked him why he was here? He said “they”, “Were doing studies and research like your people of knowledge do”. He paused, then said, “Scientists”. I asked him what happened to me. He said, “Look, you are different from us. We collect data. All researchers do. Do not be concerned! You weren’t harmed at all’.

The two then proceeded to the ‘Engine Room’ where Andrak further explained in detail how parts of the ship worked:

He then told me, “Wait, do not touch anything.” I said, “OK”, but asked him why, because he had let me “play” with the gyroscope thing before. He told me, “yes, I am going to get you a shield and if you unintentionally damage anything – you could destroy the whole craft.  All that would be left would be metal fragments scattered over a considerable distance and a scarring crater upon the terrain below.” In the room there was a device that looked like a diamond. I asked him if it was and he said, “It’s a focusing crystal. It directs the charged particles across the space toward a specific point on the targets over here. They are doing the same thing over there”. I said “Oh”. As soon as i said this, he pointed to the space between the two parts of the ship and said, “Observe.” I looked and saw strange weird sights. There was a white glow around each magnetic coil. This glow was in a perfect circle. I asked him why the outside part was spinning. Andrak said, “It has to do with the purpose/functions of earth’s Cyclotrons. This process is known to Earth. I said, “Oh.”  then I asked him, “Why all the electricity?” (Get this) he said, “It is not pure electricity. It is a conglomerate of: Free Electricity, Positrons (uh-huh), and Positronium (sure). I said, “Sure”, I didn’t believe him and still don’t. I swear he was making up the last two words. He seemed ‘upset’ that I didn’t believe him. He kept telling me, “Positrons are known. He paused again and said, “Look, 90% of this craft is known on Earth. Some of the operating principles are still in theory but understood. This whole craft is operated off the process of diamagnetism”. He paused again and said, “Look, don’t comprehend what I tell you, just observe and remember it. Someone will understand this. I’m not telling you wrong. What purpose would that serve?” The last lines sounded like an order so I said, “OK”, “OK”. He had me repeat the part from, “It is not pure electricity – It is a conglomerate of: Free electricity, Positrons and Positronium. Positrons are known. The ships works off the process of diamagnetism. 90% is known on earth. Some still in theory. You are not lying to me. Why would you be?” He said, “Correct”.

“I asked him, “What are you doing?” he said, “getting your exact point of origin. You must be returned soon.” I asked him, “where are we now?” He said, “look at the terrene viewer, that square screen on the instrument panel”, I did and saw weird sights. I asked him, “Where are we?” he said, ‘Above your planet, that’s what is directly below our craft’ I said ‘Oh’. Then I asked, “Flying around up here aren’t you afraid of bumping into things like birds and planes?” I heard, “No”. We prepare the metals of the outer hull in a certain way and at specific time treat them with a saturation exposure to a beam of highly energized charged photons. The binding energy particle of the atom created will be generated outside the nucleus. These particles migrate toward the surface and manifest a magnetic field which repels all matter.”

Note: What I really like about Wendelle’s ‘contact’ series is the diversity amongst the Galactic, and Intergalactic visitors in his books. These books are also proof that the beings traveling to our planet not always have the same technological capabilities.


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