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Electrically charged last few days

27 Dec

Wow I feel the energy turned up, I feel in peace in my place of quiteness here at home. The ringing in my ears is going on right now, I’ve seen a few flashes or sparks of light around my room, hard to explain. They are bigger than I’ve ever recalled them though, Im a bit restless during the morning, mid day seems to be when it peaks. Just dealing with it as it comes. I may update this post I don’t feel like the night is over.


Crystal Skull [dream]

22 Dec

I had this dream a few months back, it was something I didn’t want to write about, I wanted to carry on, some thoughts and intuition pushed me to post. I dreamt this during my series of funky personal dreams. The dream opened up with myself inside this metallic, steel room. A small room. It was like a shack, and I could see a golden light beaming ever so strong through the cracks of the door.
A crystal skull was talking to me,and sounded very firm, strong, and direct. Inside this room you could see the walls getting very hot, they were red. It was a very intense feeling, it felt like I was being ‘indicted’ The crystal skull was speaking some stuff when I heard him/her say to me in the clearest, firmest voice:
“We Are One Now! – “Holy….all of a sudden it was time to get out of the there! I felt someone pick me up like a swift breeze, and I could see ourselves leaving the shack through the ceiling. And I woke up.(when I was a kid I used to wonder on the deep end of the pool, I would sink and get pulled off the water by some nice person, same feeling!)
During that week, I was sending my unconditional love to the the core of Gaia, during my meditations. So its possible that could of been the connection that evening. I’ve felt the connection for a long time and always will care for Gaia, just never thought I could dream of…the voice was so clear! Like an ancient stone speaking. I’m here though, hopefully I’m part of the ‘crew’ thats what it felt like. I never felt scared,I still regard this dream as one of my best for sure!

The reason is relevant now is because I was reminded of the crystal on an online forum this morning. Plus I’ve been meditating focusing on anchoring to Gaias energies with the incoming light energies. Also, carbon to crystal bodies.Image.

As I was drawing this, I wanted to leave it very basic, but..a feeling of coloring it really fiercely took over he, he.

A bit of sun

22 Dec

This morning felt great to step out into the sunshine, went to the park, short hike and a little bit of rock climbing. The warmest its been in a while, ahh.  

I’m stoked I will be having more time to exercise and enjoy more sun..I’m also looking forward to eating at home a bit more. I really enjoy buying and preparing my own foods, winter and work can take the fun of eating greens..ha ha, but its the cold mostly, just want to grub comforting warm things. When its warm I like cooling myself with freshly made juices, salads, fresh fruits, whatever I may crave at the time as long as I have the dough. Yup I’m craving my favorite; arugula, radish, and avocado salad. I like squeezing a bit of lime and a bit of red vinager, sea salt..refreshing. Doing it tomorrow.

Hanging in the Sky

20 Dec

    Revisiting this image, a picture of me in Yosemite -2011′ .  I noticed this black triangular shaped thing high in the sky, and looks to have a type of field affecting the cloud encircling it. Uhhh ..doing a bit of sightseeing? Image

Scout ship with a biological entity inside

20 Dec

Ummm, don’t know what to make of this but I’m putting the pieces together. I peeked outside my window to take a few pics, I snapped a few and looked on the LCD screen and captured a flying object. It was a small saucer craft, with a type of modification or device on top of the cab, ridiculous! I could see the windows and the typical circular landing gear underneath. It looked very sporty. I think I’m catching these crafts and beings in the middle of their work shift,(they don’t hold jobs I know) seems like they have work to do with all the anti gravity devices flying all over the place. 

The entity inside appeared to have a big head, bluish skin, oval black eyes, and was facing me. He appeared to be seating down in the lotus position. Again, the craft was small and was carrying a green cylindrical thing on top. My earthly mind told me it was a type of modification but it well could of been some other device. It was rather trippy, giving the timing and the way I was feeling that day, I was speechless and thankful. So many thoughts, was it real? And why a small big eye entity and not a human pilot?

Update: After further observation and study of the picture, I concluded that the being inside the craft does have a pair of ears, and they are short diamond-shaped.

Further note: MUFON or other of the puppet organizations will not, and I mean will not get my ‘money’ shot of the Saucer craft.

re: iodine

20 Dec

    Just a selfie to remind myself to take iodine and purchase some blue algae, maybe marine phytoplankton too. (Super foods, flushes metals, protects cells) 

Aside 15 Dec

Haven’t been feeling the greatest lately. I’m not sick, I dont get sick anymore. Just feeling a bit low and just analyzing my life and where I am. Image

Yesterday I took a few shots of my neighborhood, what it looks to see outside of my window. Very interesting tunnel clouds and other fun shapes. I did have the intention of seeing or catching something.

Update: up in the sky, metallic object.