29 Nov

The Triangle is a known throughout the galaxy as a sign for peace.

ImageWonder if anybody is catching the same things too. I wonder if anybody is paying attention to the changes in the sky and wind..they are not the same. I want somebody to care. Does the wind not seem like its cleaning out something? ImageMetallic objects hanging out in the sky directly up from my window. It was two spheres attached to each other with some sort of rope or mechanical tubing like what you see in the space station. The spheres were high in the sky for a while and they were gold in color. I grabbed the binoculars for a closer look and the spheres were very reflective. If they weren’t gold they were gold plated. They appeared to be a decent size maybe about the size of a mini fridge,  I eventually got tired of looking up and called it a day. ImageOn my way to work last week. Beautiful stuff up there..


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