Scout ships and Orbs outside my window

18 Nov

IMG_0724I had a few sightings outside my house I’ve never seen anything like that until yesterday. For a while now I’ve been complaining how I never have anything exciting going on outside my window, I asked myself how is it that folks see ships and catch them on film. I spend a big deal of time in the mountains, under the stars, and while I’ve had my share of phenomena happen its never been like this.
While on my daily routine of looking out my window I noticed a redtail hawk chasing around a few birds. There was a lot of bird activity yesterday, as well as airplane activity. I grabbed my camera to film the hawk, after a few photos I noticed something circular maneuvering in the sky. It was not moving too fast but very smoothly diping down while turning making an arc, it was going through the light patches of fog as if for fun. It went through a cloud and for sure I expected it to come out the other side, but no. It disappeared. It was metallic in color but not shiny it was round like a ball. I didn’t manage to snap pictures, it happened too quick.IMG_0749 I know what I saw was real because of the 180 degree, almost 190 half circle turn it made while going into those patches of fog. According to a contactee book by author Wendelle Stevens, that turn is called a 4th Dimensional Curve. Their ship was either in settings Alpha, or Beta (Alpha for 1 light year, Beta for 10 light years) Those settings can also be done in smaller increments depending on their destination. There is also an Omega setting, but that would of been a different type of maneuver exit for the ship.
I saw three white colored spheres flying in formation right after the ship I’ve seen. They were forming a triangle as they cruised the sky.IMG_0728


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