[dreams] continued

16 Nov

I dreamnt this last week following the dream about the two choppers that opened up on me. Almost didn’t have time to write this last week, plus it was a bit overwhelming overall. I wanted to keep the dream fresh so I made an illustration to the best of my ability. I could of drawn a few more trees, and few more people. This interesting dream took place somewhere unknown, yet part of its landscape was familiar. IMG_0700
In the dream I was guiding a group of people. They appeared to be confused, but they trusted me to guide them out wherever we had came from before that scene. With me there were a few men and women in their mid twenties to early thirties. We climbed up a hill and reached a flat area where we rested a bit to continue on. I took a good look around, I was unsure where this place was. The sky was a sunset pinkish color, it made me smile a bit because I thought of the sunsets on earth, however, this pink color was permanent in the dream. The sun or light coming in had a warm feeling of an afternoon. We sat on the ground around a few granite boulders. There were pretty pink alpine flowers reaching for the sun, green grass, and pine trees. I was kneeling down and glanced at the sky when I saw what appeared to be a plane or craft of some sort. Suddenly,this other thing came flying into our circle at a great speed and it stopped just above the ground. It appeared to be anti-gravitic. I froze and so did everybody. I looked at it real good and I almost busted out laughing because it appeared to be smart. It had a red light which appeared to be the visual location for this thing. It also moved like it was scanning us for something. Nothing came shooting out so we moved on. I remember looking ahead towards where we needed to go, don’t remember much else. This dream appeared to be very important. And I don’t think the ground drone got what it was looking for.
In real life I am great at leading groups in the outdoors so it strikes me a bit the resemblance. As far as the tech in my dream goes, I tend to read and watch topics of really far out stuff. IMG_0699


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