Pics [dreams]

12 Nov


First dream took place in a white sandy beach somewhere. I was having a good time with a friend and his dog when we spotted  two choppers in the horizon. We noticed the choppers made a left straight towards us. In a matter of seconds they were at the beach hovering, facing the both of us, but still at a good height. We stared them down wondering what the heck they were doing when, suddenly I grabbed my buddy and ran for the rocks straight ahead. The choppers opened fire relentlessly. We took cover behind the alcove. I remember the chopper landing, and my buddy checked it out. I was clinching my fists in anger, and was ready to give the pilots a serious beat down. I remember approaching the pilot and someone or something told me not to engage. The pilot was wearing a sky blue jump suit, I didn’t see a helmet but he seemed like a total prick. 



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