Dream Time

10 Nov

For some time now I’ve been wanting to document the dreams that I’ve been experiencing for a while now. My dreams lately have become up close and personal. They take place in many different places and I’m not sure they are taking place on earth. Obviously its in the astral plane but I’m still confused about that dimension or plane. In many of these dreams I seem busy. I like the outdoors in general and my dreams are of me in nature a lot. Sometimes in groups of people. I love to rock climb and I dream of that big time. Its always in places that I have never been to before. Very frequently there are familiar faces. The landscape is always bigger, wider, stranger, wilder.

For a long time I dreamt about Bigfoot. In these dreams I appeared to be a researcher of some sort(I have a pic of a momma BF i caught unintentionally in real life).In one dream I was doing field work with high tech surveillance panels inside my tent. I was watching bigfoot run down the steep trail into my camp where the BF immediately helped himself to my food. I stopped everything to chase him out of my camp. Lol.
In another dream, in a different night I was hiking in a remote sierra rocky forest. I sat around a small pond when I felt something behind me sorta fly by. I’m super sensitive when there is stuff going on behind me so I turned around quickly and I saw a blonde couple, each wearing deep blue suits. Shiny. I was like, ‘nothing gets passed me’ I got a good look at both of them and just thought oh..space people. They weren’t alone actually. A huge Bigfoot was with them, like part of the crew. They didn’t have a face that I would say was friendly.
On another dream I was in some foresty mountain ridge. I was outside of what appeared to be an abandoned facility. This place was covered in vegetation from the outside. The small building appeared to be a temporary station left by someone is the vibe I got. Outside of the building was a small device or machine looking thing. Upon a closer look it resembled a control module of some sort. Moss was covering it all up. It was about four feet high and six feet wide. I had a companion with me,just never saw his face. He ask me if I knew how to work it, I said yeah I was familiar with it and I could get it to work. I said that with most confidence. This machine had dials and stuff, it was taking me a while to figure it out and my partner suggested to just forget it. I insisted, but apparently we were in a tight schedule.

The last few years I’ve made a lot of changes with myself. I’m assuming with that also comes new things. Writing this down helps me record this events and, allows me to embrace what I believe is proof of the changing times.


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