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29 Nov

The Triangle is a known throughout the galaxy as a sign for peace.

ImageWonder if anybody is catching the same things too. I wonder if anybody is paying attention to the changes in the sky and wind..they are not the same. I want somebody to care. Does the wind not seem like its cleaning out something? ImageMetallic objects hanging out in the sky directly up from my window. It was two spheres attached to each other with some sort of rope or mechanical tubing like what you see in the space station. The spheres were high in the sky for a while and they were gold in color. I grabbed the binoculars for a closer look and the spheres were very reflective. If they weren’t gold they were gold plated. They appeared to be a decent size maybe about the size of a mini fridge,  I eventually got tired of looking up and called it a day. ImageOn my way to work last week. Beautiful stuff up there..


Bay Area UFO

20 Nov

Some type of ship hovering in Alameda. Alameda happens to be just across the bay bridge from where I live. Exciting.

Warning: some cursing in here

Scout ships and Orbs outside my window

18 Nov

IMG_0724I had a few sightings outside my house I’ve never seen anything like that until yesterday. For a while now I’ve been complaining how I never have anything exciting going on outside my window, I asked myself how is it that folks see ships and catch them on film. I spend a big deal of time in the mountains, under the stars, and while I’ve had my share of phenomena happen its never been like this.
While on my daily routine of looking out my window I noticed a redtail hawk chasing around a few birds. There was a lot of bird activity yesterday, as well as airplane activity. I grabbed my camera to film the hawk, after a few photos I noticed something circular maneuvering in the sky. It was not moving too fast but very smoothly diping down while turning making an arc, it was going through the light patches of fog as if for fun. It went through a cloud and for sure I expected it to come out the other side, but no. It disappeared. It was metallic in color but not shiny it was round like a ball. I didn’t manage to snap pictures, it happened too quick.IMG_0749 I know what I saw was real because of the 180 degree, almost 190 half circle turn it made while going into those patches of fog. According to a contactee book by author Wendelle Stevens, that turn is called a 4th Dimensional Curve. Their ship was either in settings Alpha, or Beta (Alpha for 1 light year, Beta for 10 light years) Those settings can also be done in smaller increments depending on their destination. There is also an Omega setting, but that would of been a different type of maneuver exit for the ship.
I saw three white colored spheres flying in formation right after the ship I’ve seen. They were forming a triangle as they cruised the sky.IMG_0728

[dreams] continued

16 Nov

I dreamnt this last week following the dream about the two choppers that opened up on me. Almost didn’t have time to write this last week, plus it was a bit overwhelming overall. I wanted to keep the dream fresh so I made an illustration to the best of my ability. I could of drawn a few more trees, and few more people. This interesting dream took place somewhere unknown, yet part of its landscape was familiar. IMG_0700
In the dream I was guiding a group of people. They appeared to be confused, but they trusted me to guide them out wherever we had came from before that scene. With me there were a few men and women in their mid twenties to early thirties. We climbed up a hill and reached a flat area where we rested a bit to continue on. I took a good look around, I was unsure where this place was. The sky was a sunset pinkish color, it made me smile a bit because I thought of the sunsets on earth, however, this pink color was permanent in the dream. The sun or light coming in had a warm feeling of an afternoon. We sat on the ground around a few granite boulders. There were pretty pink alpine flowers reaching for the sun, green grass, and pine trees. I was kneeling down and glanced at the sky when I saw what appeared to be a plane or craft of some sort. Suddenly,this other thing came flying into our circle at a great speed and it stopped just above the ground. It appeared to be anti-gravitic. I froze and so did everybody. I looked at it real good and I almost busted out laughing because it appeared to be smart. It had a red light which appeared to be the visual location for this thing. It also moved like it was scanning us for something. Nothing came shooting out so we moved on. I remember looking ahead towards where we needed to go, don’t remember much else. This dream appeared to be very important. And I don’t think the ground drone got what it was looking for.
In real life I am great at leading groups in the outdoors so it strikes me a bit the resemblance. As far as the tech in my dream goes, I tend to read and watch topics of really far out stuff. IMG_0699

Pics [dreams]

12 Nov


First dream took place in a white sandy beach somewhere. I was having a good time with a friend and his dog when we spotted  two choppers in the horizon. We noticed the choppers made a left straight towards us. In a matter of seconds they were at the beach hovering, facing the both of us, but still at a good height. We stared them down wondering what the heck they were doing when, suddenly I grabbed my buddy and ran for the rocks straight ahead. The choppers opened fire relentlessly. We took cover behind the alcove. I remember the chopper landing, and my buddy checked it out. I was clinching my fists in anger, and was ready to give the pilots a serious beat down. I remember approaching the pilot and someone or something told me not to engage. The pilot was wearing a sky blue jump suit, I didn’t see a helmet but he seemed like a total prick. 


Dream Time

10 Nov

For some time now I’ve been wanting to document the dreams that I’ve been experiencing for a while now. My dreams lately have become up close and personal. They take place in many different places and I’m not sure they are taking place on earth. Obviously its in the astral plane but I’m still confused about that dimension or plane. In many of these dreams I seem busy. I like the outdoors in general and my dreams are of me in nature a lot. Sometimes in groups of people. I love to rock climb and I dream of that big time. Its always in places that I have never been to before. Very frequently there are familiar faces. The landscape is always bigger, wider, stranger, wilder.

For a long time I dreamt about Bigfoot. In these dreams I appeared to be a researcher of some sort(I have a pic of a momma BF i caught unintentionally in real life).In one dream I was doing field work with high tech surveillance panels inside my tent. I was watching bigfoot run down the steep trail into my camp where the BF immediately helped himself to my food. I stopped everything to chase him out of my camp. Lol.
In another dream, in a different night I was hiking in a remote sierra rocky forest. I sat around a small pond when I felt something behind me sorta fly by. I’m super sensitive when there is stuff going on behind me so I turned around quickly and I saw a blonde couple, each wearing deep blue suits. Shiny. I was like, ‘nothing gets passed me’ I got a good look at both of them and just thought people. They weren’t alone actually. A huge Bigfoot was with them, like part of the crew. They didn’t have a face that I would say was friendly.
On another dream I was in some foresty mountain ridge. I was outside of what appeared to be an abandoned facility. This place was covered in vegetation from the outside. The small building appeared to be a temporary station left by someone is the vibe I got. Outside of the building was a small device or machine looking thing. Upon a closer look it resembled a control module of some sort. Moss was covering it all up. It was about four feet high and six feet wide. I had a companion with me,just never saw his face. He ask me if I knew how to work it, I said yeah I was familiar with it and I could get it to work. I said that with most confidence. This machine had dials and stuff, it was taking me a while to figure it out and my partner suggested to just forget it. I insisted, but apparently we were in a tight schedule.

The last few years I’ve made a lot of changes with myself. I’m assuming with that also comes new things. Writing this down helps me record this events and, allows me to embrace what I believe is proof of the changing times.


10 Nov

It’s been a while since I got on here and shared some thoughts. 

A couple of weeks ago, after work I went over to a friends house to pick up some heavy rocks for my aquarium. I was carrying this heavy load on my backpack, while riding on my bicycle. Not too dangerous but seemed to have a strain on my ankle. Got home OK, a bit sore. Next day in serious pain couldn’t even walk. Felt like I strain a ligament, I knew I was screwed. I also understood that I was going to be out for weeks. I managed to make it to work in pain( my choice). Work was sympathetic and had an easy day. That night I went to sleep in pain aghh. The next morning I woke up, got a great night sleep and moved and stretched while in my bed a little bit. Whaaaa?? My ankle was feeling loose and relaxed as if nothing happened. Totally fine! I thought for a fragment of a second that it might of been a miracle, maybe the work of someone. Suddenly I saw a blink of bright light as if it was a confirmation!! Jeez, speechless that morning, that day, that week! Thank you. Much praises!  I was not limping or walking funny, no pain. If there was ever a day to feel loved it was that day. I felt it. Thank you father. I will continue to document anything ‘special’ going on with and around me.