Area 51exists !

17 Aug

Ahh..Good old Groom lake a.k.a. Dreamland!

I was a young teen when I first heard of alien technology and Area 51. I was very excited and just had to know what this was all about. Something just wanted to pop out of my chest, a gut feeling that this was no b.s it’s the only way I can describe it. At that time, (1994) the subject of Unidentified flying objects blew up in mainstream media, it was all over the place (I live in the U.S). Lots of amateur videos of UFOs and saucers on T.V networks.  A show by the name of ‘Sightings’ came around and introduced Area 51 to the masses. In the show, they showed a home tape of a guy by the name of Bob Lazar. He claimed to have worked on reverse engineering Alien tech at the secret facility. It was so intriguing!  Bob went into some craft descriptions, anti gravitic, magnetic, and his famous ‘element 115’. Wow ! All that gave me too much to think about, but like most shows it left me with more questions than answers. I’m not too excited by the fact that CIA admitted that such base exists.  Hollywood had already debriefed us, with movies like ‘Independence Day’.


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