8 Jun

Its been over a few weeks since my injury and I’m doing way better, its definitely a slow process but I’ve been recovering faster than I expected. At one point I was wondering what the purpose of this was..what could I possibly learn from this, where’s the lesson? I’ve never taken my legs for granted, I use them everyday and they are a very important component to my body. Just thinking for a few seconds what my legs have helped me accomplished its wonderful. At times I slip in moments where I reminisce of things I used to do, like taking summers off to go explore and rock climb..places I used to go. My legs where an important component, and ugh, I shouldn’t look back so much. I am healing and that’s what’s important. With this off time I’ve been practicing a little bit of healing techniques; using the power of intention and love to heal..and it’s working. I’m glad that I am practicing this sort of healing, I truly would like to get good at it. I have lots of time to myself where I can practice in peace and quiet. I am already really good at listening to my body’s needs. I started eating a lot more these last 2 weeks, I feel like my cells need more fuel to continue doing what they are doing. And not just the injury, but the influx of light and love energies coming to the planet, they are potent. My body is working overtime. Its happened before but the need for calorie and protein is at another level. What an incredible amount of food I’ve been eating, I am mesmerized..in awe. My body needed constant replenishment meal after meal..yikes. And also water, lots of precious cold water. 


light in the sky

27 May

There is this UFO that has been hanging out on and off since December 2013. I believe it is outside of Earths atmosphere. It hangs out in the western sky..you can see its glowing field eminate all kinds of colors.. one of my co-workers told me he saw it while on the freeway one evening. This craft has to be super huge..I have a few videos of it on YouTube..will post when I can.

meteor shower or something?

25 May

Major fail, had my DSLR ready to go last night, passed out woke up at midnight and said screw it, too tired. Plus I could of gotten hurt climbing out of my window at those hours without a headlamp.

always been ME

25 May

With my injuries keeping me indoors, it drives me crazy taking it easy and slow. I am by nature a very active person, and I like to seek joy and excitement on everything I do, almost everything. One of my old friends was performing with his band ( Hip hop, reggae, soul, ) and I thought it would be a great idea to get out and socialize bit, listen to some good local live music. His performance was taking place at a Marijuana Dispensary, and having a patient's card wasn't necessary to go in, so I was more than stoked to go! I thought about it until last minute, I kept looking at my knee, and visualized how it would go. The show was only a couple hours so, it was tempting. Besides the shops in Europe, and maybe the legalized states, I can't think of a place that would hold a performance inside a dispensary. It hadn't been done in my town..plus it was free. I got myself together and went. The show was great, good people, great vibes and a killer performance by two local bands..all while the place was getting mad herbalized. There was a lot of floor space in the venue, I mean pot shop. It was definitely a first, the feeling was so happening. THE place to be. I realize how lucky I am to be alive, to be on Earth right now, which is also THE place to BE.


last weekend’s climbing incident / recent dreaming

22 May

Last weekend while out having a good time with friends, I decided to climb this loose, chossy cliff side, I knew better but went for it anyways. Midway up, holds broke up and fell apart, I fell and landed on my right leg and right arm..ouch. Luckily I didn’t land on my head, or hip. It could of been so much worse, I’m so thankful. I knew from the pain and stiffness that it was bad, I was limping and couldn’t place my weight on my right leg, my knee felt like it was locked in place. It was time to go, I found a tree branch, used it as a support and we rallied up. It is almost 5 days since the fall, and I’m feeling quite all right. I’m able to place my weight on my right knee now, my ankle almost fully healed. I went to grab some food about 7 blocks from home, probably not the best idea, I was walking with a cane. It felt great getting some warm sun in my face and a nice breeze as well. 


I had a good deal amount of food last night, and a few beers..I went to sleep a bit frustrated, maybe just a bit tired of it all..sigh. Right before bed I started sweating profoundly, my body was feeling like..feverish. It wasn’t fever, just felt like something was being released. I think its due to my knee injury, the epicenter of my pain. Maybe an hour into sleeping I had this really bad dream, I just had this feeling of being in an odd place and time..I woke up, thanfulky to have a drink of water. Went back to sleep and another bad dream started out, woke up again…and back to sleep. This process was repeated about 6 times throughout the night..smh. Each dream had this weird plot..they we’re so ackward. My body was really warm, normally this sets off bad dreams but last nights was so trippy. When I woke up this morning I thought I was in a different place, the vibe of the dream was still tripping me out..

Video 18 May

Robert Glasper, one of my favorite artists right now

..Here we, here we go again – *hip hop scratch*

18 May

After a nice week of smooth sailing, and I’m talking about the incoming light energies here..I feel it kicked up yet another notch. If this is a taste of things to come for June…gulp! I’m feeling a bit anxious, I feel like I can’t stand still, I feel like I have to do it all right now, this instant. Lol. ( takes deep breath)

I am also seeing it a outside of myself, people are easily irritable..angry, and all kinds of other weird things. I really don’t like seeing it with friends of mine, they show sides of them that are just..kinda weak. Maybe it would be a good idea not to communicate with these folks for a while. Resentful, envious, and spite are some of the characteristics I’ve seen in some friends..I’m not quick to judge because everyone is going through their inner changes, however, I don’t need to put up with anyone’s freaking b.s. and lately that’s getting really easy to do by just not allowing it. At times though, its crazy. Last June solstice was kinda like that, mad chaos inside peoples head..really bugged me out. I really dislike the ‘really dude..?’ moments.